July 2014 update (with audio)

Posted by Rob H on July 11, 2014

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update but yes, I’m still kicking!

I’ve been very busy with work and with a side business I’m working on, so there hasn’t been much free time. My regular job is going well, although I still worry about the long-term viability as it’s still considered a “contract” or “temporary” position. I know the company likes me, in fact out of 8 contractor employees hired I am the last one standing. The real question is whether I can stick around long enough to be able to apply for a position once one opens up so it’s a waiting game.

I like the job because it doesn’t involve a lot of talking, mostly desk work on a computer and it’s perfect for me. It’s low stress, which is another big plus as those of you with SD know. So needless to say, I’m hoping I can stick it out as long as possible.

That said, on the side I have been working on some things to make some income with my own home-based business and bring in income that way. I’m taking a methodical approach, trying to build it up gradually so that hopefully I will be able to replace my regular job’s income. I’m not going to go into details yet because it’s not far enough off the ground to know whether it will be successful or not but I’m very optimistic so far.

As far as my actual voice, I have been in a “fading” pattern for several months. As I type this, I would estimate my voice is under 50%, maybe 40% or even 35% of my normal good voice. I did take a voice sample about a month ago, included below. My voice was probably between 50-60% at that time, and has gone down even more since then.

The headaches which invariably come with the neck strain have returned off & on as well. It’s not always there, but when it comes it usually sticks around for a day or two, then goes away for a few days, then comes back, so it comes & goes.

Audio MP3

(in case that doesn’t work, here’s a link that should open in a new window)

You can hear some of the weakening in my voice but in general it’s still very usable.

The next Botox appointment I made is for July 21. I was really trying to stretch this out farther than last time. In fact, my goal is to get longer & longer out of each Botox. The last injection I had was in December so it took 7 months, just like the one before that. However, it was the lowest dosage yet and these last 2 months, my voice has been below average (but useful still). So this is about as far I can stretch it this time.

I’m pretty sure the injection 2 times ago, I could’ve gotten 8 or maybe 9 months out of that so that will be my goal next time. I am holding this false hope that maybe if I keep stretching it, my voice problems will eventually go away as my voice re-trains itself to be good. Sounds crazy but you never know.

Until next time, I’ll have more updates then.

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