End of August 2014 update (with a BUNCH of audio)

Posted by Rob H on August 30, 2014

What a rollercoaster it’s been since my last post. Mostly downs, unfortunately, but hopefully on the up-swing now.

As I type this, on August 30th, I still do not have a full voice back yet. It’s getting better, but still probably only 50% at this point with NO ability to speak up in a loud environment…I might as well not try in those situations.

So listed below are several voice samples taken over the past month, to show the different phases/sounds of my voice as the Botox started to take effect. This first one is taken on my way to the appointment, before the Botox:

Audio #1 – 7/21/14

Audio MP3

(here’s a link for audio #1 in case the player doesn’t work)

This next one was taken right after the appointment. You will hear me talk about this particular shot being more traumatic than normal. I mean, it always sucks having a needle stuck into your throat. But this time was different. As you’ll hear in the recording, the shot made my voice IMMEDIATELY worse which has not happened before.

Audio #2 – also 7/21/14

Audio MP3

(here’s the link for audio #2 in case the player doesn’t work)

Audio #3 – 7/22/14

Audio MP3

(here is the link for audio #3 in case the player doesn’t work)

My voice still sounds pretty good on audio #3, but it’s about to change real soon…………

Audio #4 – 7/23/14

Audio MP3

(here is the link for audio #4 in case the player doesn’t work)

Audio #5 – 7/26/14

Audio MP3

(here is the link for audio #5 in case the player doesn’t work)

As you can hear in audio #5, I was getting a little bit of a cold. This would morph into a major, voice-crippling cold later. I will go into more detail on that in just a bit.

Here’s audio #6 – 8/1/14

Audio MP3

(here is the link for audio #6 in case the player doesn’t work)

As of this audio recording, my voice was “trying” to come back like normal, about 2-3 weeks after the shot. However, I still had this pesky cold wreaking havoc & not allowing my voice to fully come out. We proceed:

Audio #7 – 8/6/14

Audio MP3

(here is the link for audio #7, in case the player doesn’t work)

As you can hear from the voice sample from audio #7 above, my voice is continuing to TRY to come back as it started to do in the previous recording. However, it’s very erratic and in some ways, more frustrating to have it this way than to have a “weak but consistent” voice. This is because it’s difficult to modulate my tone when speaking to somebody, particularly at work or on the phone. I find that as my voice cracks in & out, the actual volume goes up & down too (which is normal)…and it makes it hard to put together long conversations with somebody.

Audio #8 – 8/14/14

Audio MP3

(here is the link for audio #8, in case the player doesn’t work)

You can probably hear in my voice at the beginning of audio #8, I have become frustrated at this point with the lack of results. At the time of this recording, it had been over 3 weeks since the Botox injection and I really didn’t anticipate it taking this long.

Audio #9 – 8/22/14

Audio MP3

(here is the link for the audio of #9, in case the player doesn’t work)

By this point, it’s been fully 1 month since the Botox injection, and still my voice is not back. It certainly sounds better than the previous recording, but still you can hear at the end my voice goes back out again. In all my previous Botox treatments, my voice was back to full force by a month later so this was very unexpected.

You hear me speculate in the recording about the correlation between the Botox injections and getting a cold. It has happened quite frequently and I don’t know why that is. It’s something I am going to bring up to my doctor and see what he thinks but the last two times I have gotten shots (December 2013 and July 2014), I have gotten bad colds…not just the little colds you get every now & then but full-blown bad colds. And in between shots, I get a bunch of mini-colds. I remember talking about it in a previous post last year sometime, it seems I get more frequent colds but none are bad, just a bunch of minor colds. Well, I guess I jinxed myself.

Audio #10 – 8/30/14

(This one was taken just now, while typing this blog post)!!

Audio MP3

(here is the link for audio#10, in case the player doesn’t work)

That’s all I have for now, but you can see a definite progression, albeit slow…I still have not gotten back to what I would consider a “good voice” and have even begun to wonder if this treatment was a “dud”. Only time will tell.


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Sep 21, 2014

Hi Rob,

I came across your blog when I was looking to see whether anyone else had the same experience of coming down with cold symptoms just after a Botox shot. It took me a while to recognize that it wasn’t just coincidence, and now, yet again, I feel myself coming down with a cold and I just had a shot three days ago.

I can relate to your frustrations with the condition and the treatment. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not alone in dealing with this odd illness.

Wishing you well-

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Sep 21, 2014

Hello Anne, glad you found my blog. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve definitely noticed a correlation between the Botox shots and getting colds. To complicate matters, I’ve always heard that getting a cold will “reduce” or “limit” results so this is not a good combination. I guess I’m glad to know somebody else can relate too, but in a weird way because I don’t want others to have to experience it…as you said it is an odd illness.

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