Progress Report July 7 – with audio

Posted by Rob H on July 7, 2012

Hello, this is a new post to update you on my progress with my spasmodic dysphonia voice disorder. It’s been over 2 months since my April 23 Botox shot and I definitely feel like the dosage is starting to wear off a bit. My volume and voice strength have decreased slowly over the past couple weeks, I’m still at about 75% of my normal volume though. In addition, I have noticed my voice tends to wear out a little bit more towards the end of the day again. This is similar to the way my voice reacted before the Botox shot. So I see signs of my old SD voice coming back.

Still, there are no spasms. A little loss of strength is not enough to make my life uncomfortable (yet). I’m still able to have normal conversations with people face-to-face, I’m still able to order food through drive-through speakers, and I’m easily able to talk on the phone.

The only time I have trouble is when I’m in a louder environment, I can still communicate but it takes a little more effort than it has the last couple months. It reminds me of my initial decline back in the fall of 2011, when I first started noticing my voice getting weaker. Every now & then, I have to repeat myself but overall it’s doing well. If my voice could stay at this level for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t complain. But I know that is not going to happen.

One other note: the next appointment for the Botox shot is scheduled for July 16. I have to call by July 10 to inform the doctor whether I’m keeping that appointment, or if I want to wait until the next Botox clinic on August 21. So it’s a little tricky for me to decide whether or not I’m going to have the shot this month or not. I’m leaning towards “no”, trying to let the Botox completely wear out and see how long it takes before deciding on another injection. I’m hoping for a very long, extended down period.

Waiting until August 21 has its downfalls, because I have some things planned for Sept 1-2. Judging by the first Botox shot back in April, it was 2 weeks before my voice started rebounding so that will mean my voice will be weak for the planned events that weekend. I guess there will always be something so I’ll keep you posted what I decide.

Below is the voice sample from yesterday, you can hear my voice still sounds pretty good:

SD Voice Sample