December 17 update – Post Botox (with audio)

Posted by Rob H on December 17, 2013

Lots of updates since my last post.

November 25

I was scheduled for my next Botox shot on November 25. Actually, let me back up just a minute. My last shot was back on May 20 and it was for a dosage of 1.5 bilaterally. This was a reduction from the previous times, which were 2.0. So my results from the lower 1.5 dosage were that I never reached what I consider an “excellent” voice (like I did with the 2.0 dosage)…but I did get to a “good” voice that has lasted just as long as the 2.0 dosage. November 25 would have been over 6 months since the previous shot at the 1.5 dosage, so I can’t complain about the results.

For some reason, the period of time I had a weak voice was LONGER even though I had a smaller dosage. It lasted about 4 weeks. You can hear a voice sample on a previous post that was 3 weeks out, if you click here. But I did not have much of the swallowing difficulty so that part was good.

Ok now back to November 25, I went in for the appointment and went through the normal pre-shot ritual with the doctor – he asked me questions pertaining to how my experience was with the latest shot. “How would you rate your voice at its peak?” and “What kind of side effects have you had?” and “When did you reach baseline?” That last question always makes me wonder how long I could really go. Because I have NEVER reached baseline since I started receiving the Botox injections. I can still function with the voice I have, even 6-7 months out. I hope I’m one of the people that can continue to stretch out my benefit period longer & longer…I’ve heard of that happening and if that’s the case, maybe I can get it to 12 months or longer between shots. We will see.

So after the doctor asked these questions, we decided to try the 1.5 dosage again. My first thought was to go down another notch, with the thinking that the “weak voice” period would be reduced. However after a discussion, the decision was made to stick with the 1.5 again to see if the same thing happens, or if my experience was just a “blip” on the screen. That sounded reasonable to me. Just as they were about to start the procedure, I mentioned that I was dealing with a cold and suddenly the doctor stopped in his tracks and said that in his opinion, we should wait until next month. I had heard a cold can effect the treatment and this seemed to confirm it. So I walked out and we re-set the appointment for December 16.

December 16

I did finally go through with the appointment yesterday, December 16. That marked nearly 7 months since my May 20 shot and my voice was still usable and not too bad at that point.

Below is a voice sample from December 9, you can hear how it sounds and you will see what I mean about my voice still being usable and pretty good:

Audio MP3

The conversation in the doctor’s office yesterday December 16 was pretty similar, he went over the questions again and of course there was no change in the answers…but due to the fact that my voice was still the same and we were even FARTHER out than last month, he agreed that maybe it’s a good idea to reduce the dosage to 1.25 this time and see what happens. Really it’s all trial and error until we find the right dosage for me, everybody is different. What we’re trying to find is a “sweet spot”, a dosage that allows for a good to excellent voice, for as long as possible, with as little side effects as possible. If we can achieve that, we’re happy. I would gladly give up the “excellent” range for my voice and trade that for a “good” voice for a long time with no side effects.

So that’s what we’re striving for. For today, December 17, I recorded another voice sample. It sounds pretty similar to the last one. We’ll see how this one goes, as I continue to update this blog.

Audio MP3

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