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Voice fading a bit (with audio)

Posted by Rob H on September 27, 2013

I haven’t had an update in awhile, there hasn’t been any dramatic changes in my voice but rather a gradual weakening trend. Below is a voice sample from today, you can hear a little bit more weakening.

Audio MP3

Link to audio if the above audio player doesn’t work.

It’s especially noticeable when I talk a lot. If you recall from the last post, I lost my job towards the end of July and have struggled to find a replacement job since then. I did have a job for 2 weeks where I was constantly on the phone and I noticed my voice tended to wear out after longer phone calls. I have also experienced the return of my stress headaches, from the muscle strain in my neck. I sure didn’t miss that. But it’s usually a sign for me to go get my next Botox injection so that will probably be coming up next month in October. I could MAYBE stretch it out another month into November but that would be pushing it. We’ll see.

My bigger concern is, if I do get another job I will have to get the shot soon after starting…and how that will affect my employment status. Will I lose my job if I can’t speak above a whisper for 2 weeks? After all, I’ll be in my first 90 days of employment and most employers can let you go for no cause within that first 90 days. Also I have been trying to find a job that doesn’t involve talking as much…which is tough to do. Actually, it’s not hard to find those types of jobs but the pay is near minimum wage and that’s not going to help much.

That’s about all for this update, I will surely have more to come soon as I figure out my next Botox date, along with my job search.

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