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July update – Jobless (voice samples with audio)

Posted by Rob H on July 26, 2013

So as you can see from the title, I am now jobless! After working for a large real estate title company (Old Republic) for over 5 years, suddenly it’s over. Their business is massively down due to the slowdown in refinancing but I never expected to be out this soon. I did know the writing was on the wall and they did a massive layoff just last month which I was safe from…but this 2nd round got me.

I was a supervisor and was the most senior supervisor there…which leads me to believe I was a victim of “making too much money”…even though I didn’t make that much in reality. The other possibility is that my boss didn’t care for me. My wife has told me she thinks he is threatened by me as I constantly give good feedback to not only him but other supervisors, as well as lower-level workers. I never did trust my boss, always felt uneasy and now my instincts are confirmed. Any good company knows that they need to keep their good employees and if there are layoffs, they should find other positions for those employees. Instead, this company (specifically this boss) cuts back based purely on numbers with no regard to the actual makeup/skill level of the remaining employees. I felt this way during the last layoff and I certainly feel that way now that I am a part of it. I already received countless phone calls, texts, emails, etc telling me they couldn’t believe the company wouldn’t reassign me to another department, at least.

So that’s all for my venting. It’s still fresh so I could go on & on & on but I won’t. I am now strategizing about my next chapter and you never know, this could be the best thing that ever happened to me. I am approaching it that way.

As for my voice, of course this complicates things. I’m at a point where the Botox effects are starting to fade a little bit. I have started experiencing more headaches and muscle strain in my neck area. For job interviews, I should be fine (although I haven’t been on an interview in over 5 years!). I have interviewed many candidates in my former position but have not been the actual interviewee in a long time. So I am hoping my voice holds out for awhile longer. Of course, there’s the thought in the back of my mind, if I get hired by somebody then have to go get a Botox injection within the first month of employment (a probable scenario)…I’ll have to go through the entire explaining process again to a new group of people. Also I will worry that it will affect my ability to perform my job. Of course, these are the fears of anybody that has spasmodic dysphonia or muscle tension dysphonia.

So I did record a couple voice samples since my last blog post. Take a listen below.

This is from July 14:

Audio MP3

Edit: The audio player seems to be having issues. If you can’t hear the audio, here is the link to it:
July 14

This is from today, July 26:

Audio MP3

Edit: The audio player seems to be having issues. If you can’t hear the audio, here is the link to it:
July 26

It doesn’t sound too bad (yet) and I am hoping the Botox effects wear off super slow because as you can see, I have a lot of stress back in my life and dealing with a bad voice is not something I want to add to it.

On a brighter note, I have cranked up some side real estate investing and should be making a little extra money soon. Nothing huge but I’m hoping it’s the start of something huge. We will see.

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