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Still uncertain – nearly 3 weeks post-Botox (with audio)

Posted by Rob H on June 10, 2013

On my last post, I mentioned that I had a nasty cold that was somewhat concealing my true voice…normally when I have a cold, my voice is much lower and this was a really bad cold…my voice was in a lower range for a good 5 or 6 days. Just yesterday and today, I finally started noticing my lower voice going away as my cold finally began to subside.

As the lower voice went away, however, I started to get more of the Botox-sounding voice back. So apparently, the post-Botox side effects of a weaker voice is still hanging around. Tomorrow will mark the 3-week mark since the injection and I was really expecting my voice to be normal by now. Especially considering the fact that I had a lower dosage this time, I thought it would mean my “regular” voice should come back sooner. Not so, I guess.

Below is a voice sample from a few days ago, Wed June 4…I still had my cold during this recording, so my voice is working pretty well and you can hear me speculate whether it’s the Botox or the cold that is causing the good voice.

Audio MP3
**Edit: If the audio isn’t loading properly, click on the link here to hear the recording.
…and below is another voice sample from yesterday, June 8. My cold on this day was going away at this point and you can hear my voice is in & out quite a bit.

Audio MP3

**Edit: If the audio isn’t loading properly, click on the link here to hear the recording.

I don’t have a recording for today, but it’s similar to yesterday’s recording. In & out quite a bit, no consistency in my voice.

I have heard from others who have taken Botox shots for SD, that the doctors don’t like to give Botox shots while you’re under the influence of a cold or flu. The reasoning I have heard is that the Botox MAY not be as effective. I don’t know why, but I have heard this more than once. So I don’t know if my cold has short-circuited my latest Botox shot but only time will tell.

I’ll have more updates soon, hopefully I’ll be able to post an update that my voice is back to normal very soon!

June 3 update, 2 weeks post-Botox

Posted by Rob H on June 3, 2013

Over the past couple of days, I THINK I have noticed an improvement in my voice. It’s been exactly 2 weeks since my Botox shot, and I was hoping with the lower dosage the breathy period would wear off quicker. At the time of my last post, my voice was bad about 95% of the time…typically the first word or the first couple of words of a sentence came out normal then the rest of the sentence and the rest of the paragraphs following that were in a weak voice. Saturday 6/1 I noticed in the first half of the day, I was getting more like 30% of the time with a decent voice, then fading to a weak voice again. But I was able to get more words out before reverting back to the weak voice.

Also Saturday, I noticed the beginnings of a cold. I have written many times in the past posts, that I seem to get more frequent, but not severe, colds. I’m not sure if the cold had anything to do with the “bump” in good voice or not. I think it’s entirely possible, as many fellow SDers I have talked to online have experienced the same thing…the voice gets better with a cold.

I still have had a limited vocal range and absolutely no singing voice…I tried to sing happy birthday and it was terrible, even for me.

Fast forward to Sunday 6/2 and I had a full-blown cold and a mild fever. I didn’t do much the entire day as I felt like crap. My voice didn’t improve any; in fact I would say it took a step back to about 20% “on” instead of the 30% the previous day. The main revelation for me though is that this was my first severe cold since getting my spasmodic dysphonia. My first full-on, bad cold in over a year and a half. That was a bit of a shocking observation for me, as I get at least one or two a year. Living in northeast Ohio almost guarantees it with the wild swings in weather in the spring and fall (and sometimes winter). I would bet this string of 1 ½ years without a major cold is some kind of record for me.

So now today 6/3, my cold has continued and my voice has bounced back to a better level. I estimate 40-50% of the time, my voice whas been good. What’s interesting is, when my voice goes out, it stays out for the remainder of that paragraph, no matter how long. If I were reading a novel, the first paragraph might start out normal, then my voice would be out for the rest of the day. But if I stop my conversation and start again a minute or two later, everything resets and my voice starts normal again then goes out again.

It’s all a part of the frustration in dealing with this disorder. Fortunately for me, I am not experiencing side effects this time, notably no difficulty swallowing. I have choked on liquids from time to time but it’s not often and it’s nothing I can’t handle.

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