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Still whispery/breathy – but hopefully about to break out

Posted by Rob H on October 26, 2012

Last night I had a few words come out in a normal voice. This was a bit of a revelation as I have been nothing but whispers since about a week ago. I probably had about 8-10 words come out in a normal volume instead of the whisper/breathy voice. Of course, 8-10 words out of the thousands spoken in the day is a minuscule percentage – but nevertheless it’s more than the 0% I have been getting for the last week.

Then today, a few more breaks happened. I said a couple full sentences (no full paragraphs though)…and overall I would say still way less than 1% of my words today came out in a normal voice. But it was more than yesterday. So I am seeing a little bit of progress.

I recorded a voice sample this morning, no “good breaks” in my voice during this recording but you can hear the whispery/breathy voice I’ve been experiencing for the past week. Take a listen below:

Audio MP3

Differences – 2 Botox Shots

There are several differences between what I experienced last time vs. what I’m experiencing this time.

  • My breathy voice is steady this time, rather than gradually declining.
  • The side effects are much less pronounced.
  • The breaks I’m experiencing today & yesterday are happening earlier than last time.

Breathy voice – steady

Last time, I experienced a quick relief of my spasms on days 2 and 3, accompanied with a “Godfather” voice. After that, my voice got weaker and weaker, and weaker even still…finally bottoming out but not until many days of decline. This time, my voice went slightly weaker on days 2 and 3, not the “Godfather” voice but a weaker version of my good voice. Then, much more quickly, my voice declined into the breathy/whisper voice I have now. I’ve been bottomed out at this same voice for about a week.

Side effects less

Last time, the side effects were: difficulty swallowing, odd-sounding sneezes/belches/coughs, and major fatigue of the throat muscles leading to headaches/strain. This time, I have had difficulty swallowing but to a much lesser extent. I have only choked on liquids a few times. I will say, I do still have odd-sounding sneezes but my coughs & belches (lol) are normal-sounding. And the fatigue, I am happy to say, is not there at all. That was possibly the worst side effect the first time around.

Breaks in voice happening earlier

Last time, at the very end of the 13th day, my voice started breaking/squeaking. I remember vividly, how I was talking to a friend and suddenly I felt like I was going through puberty. My voice turned erratic with normal tones mixed with breaks/squeakiness. Then the next day, it continued and my voice continued to improve from there rather quickly. This time, I experienced some breaks last night on the 9th day. Today on the 10th day, I had a few more breaks in my voice but it’s not the same as last time and the improvements seem more gradual than sudden this time. We will see if this trend continues tomorrow.

Why the differences?

My theory is that the shots were not exactly the same this time. Although the dosages were exactly the same, the actual delivery of the shots were different as I blogged about October 15, the day of the shot. The first shot on the one side of my neck was done while I was talking (inadvertently). The second shot on the other side of my neck felt a little different. So my theory is that although this Botox treatment worked (as evidenced by my weak voice), it will not be quite as effective as the last one in the long run. We will see.

My only other thought is that possibly my body adjusted, knowing what to expect this time. I don’t know but there are definitely a few subtle differences.

Going down that road again…

Posted by Rob H on October 18, 2012

So this is my 2nd experience with the Botox shot. I had to go back and read/listen to my previous blog posts/voice recordings to see what I can expect this time around. I honestly had forgotten some of what I went through the last time, since it’s been awhile!

So now my voice is starting to weaken…the last time my voice did the same thing. This time, it’s a little different as I was starting from a better “baseline” voice than the last time. The difference in my voice quality is not as much of a dramatic difference due to this.

Here is my voice sample from yesterday:

Audio MP3

As you can see, it’s a little raspier but not too bad. Then throughout the day today, my voice has continued to get a little weaker. I went bowling tonight and it was difficult at times to speak above the bowling alley noise. Here is my voice sample from tonight:

Audio MP3

The side effects I experienced the first time around have just begun to show up – namely:

  • Extra strain on my throat muscles as I’m recruiting new muscles to speak (my regular muscles are now paralyzed)
  • Weaker voice – lower volume
  • Choking on my own saliva

All of these things are happening on a very limited basis but they have definitely started happening. I’ll keep monitoring these changes and post new updates as I progress.

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