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Progress Report – June 26 (with Audio)

Posted by Rob H on June 27, 2012

Hello readers, it’s been awhile! I guess you could categorize that into
the “no news is good news” category. It’s now been over 2 months since
my April 23 Botox shot and my voice is still doing well. Although I’m
aware that I still have SD, I have been able to live my normal life for
the past 1 and a half months (after the initial breathiness wore off).

Included in that month and a half was a vacation to Jamaica, we got back
on June 12. I am happy to report that I had no troubles with my voice,
I was able to order all my food & drinks without a problem…and an
extra bonus came out of the trip: as a Cleveland Cavs fan, I got to
meet one of the players who happened to be staying at the same resort.
I had about a 45 minute conversation with him relaxing in the pool,
one-on-one. Never once thought about my voice problems. So the timing
of my “good voice” couldn’t have been better.

Below, I have included a voice sample and as you can hear, my voice
isn’t crystal-clear but it’s still very good and I’m happy with the
quality still. My theory is that I have a cold and it’s affecting the
quality & tone, I’m hoping as my cold goes away my voice will come back
stronger again. From about May 7 through about June 12 (the last day of
my vacation), my voice was very strong and an outsider would have no
idea I had a voice disorder. From about June 13 through today, my voice
has been slightly more raspy but I’ve had a slight cold that whole time,
it’s lingering and won’t go completely away. So I don’t know if it’s
the Botox fading, or the cold, or a combination of both. I’ll continue
to monitor it to see how it goes.

Here is my latest voice sample:

Audio MP3

I did speak with my doctor today over the phone and set up a “tentative” appointment for a 2nd Botox shot on July 16. The hope is, that it will not be necessary and my voice will hold out another month or more, so I can get more length out of the Botox injection.

I will say, the voice sample above is from June 21 and today is June 26, my voice is still similar today. I do still have a little cold that just won’t go away so that is still a factor and it’s hard to assess until the cold goes away. I’ll continue to update, especially if my voice begins to change again.

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